Nesf Essa Alasfour Library

About Mr. Nusef Essa Al Asfour

Mr. Nesf Essa AlAsfour was born on 1901 in the area of Sharq city of Kuwait from a family that traveled before 3 centuries to Kuwait in the late of 17th century, from the family settled beside Al Khamees family. His grandfather was a pearl merchant and his name was Mohammed bin Ali Mousa AlAsfour, he was born in the era of the second ruler of Kuwait Sheikh Abdullah Al Sabah (Abdullah the first). The family house was known as the Diwan of Jassim bin Mohammed Ali AlAsfour (known today as the Cultural Center of Dickson House)

AlAsfour house was rented in 1904 to be the center for British Agency and a residence for the first British agent Mr. Nux.

Mr Nesf AlAsfour house was neighbored by Al Nisif mosque which been established by Boti Al-Boti in 1776, and in 1867 the mosque was renovated by the families of Al Nisf, AlAsousi and Al Asfour. The roots of AlAsfour family dated back to Aqeel bin amer  

Mr. Nesf Essa Alasfour studied in Al Mubarakiya school and he was among the first graduates in 1911. He spent the early part of his life in pearl trading (AlTawasha), he owned a ship of a kind 'Shoee' named (Al Badree), he owned a property against the sea front (Amara) used in wood business adjacent to old Al Nisf Dewanya. His business reached across India and Oman. With his donation to construct a mosque in Alexandria and a public library in Kuwait. Through his life time he was known for his kindness and generosity. He used to sit in his Diwaniya in Al Nuzha area since 1972 until he past away 1992.